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Frequently Asked Questions!

  • How long of monitoring agreement is required for your service?

    Free State Alarm offers only one year agreements that can be terminated at anytime with a written statement of cancellation. A letter or email must be received 30 days in advance of cancellation.

  • Most companies require a credit check. Do I have to pass a credit check for service?

    Free State Alarm does not require credit checks. We offer our service to anyone that shows interest in our service and has the ability to make timely payments.

  • Is there a charge for service calls that may be required from time to time?

    Unless you agree to a sales and service agreement when signing up, our typical service call fee is based on where you are located and our normal labor charge. Most homeowners and businesses will find the $5.00 cost for a service and repair agreement is a pretty convenient and affordable way to avoid unsuspected fees and cost in the future.

  • Who is responsible for false alarm fees that may occur?

    The customer is responsible for all false alarm fees assessed by any local government. To avoid false alarms and high fines, it is prudent to keep the company informed of all contacts and their current phone numbers. When a phone number changes the customer must let the company know.

  • Should I move, can I take my alarm system with me to the new home?

    The alarm system is your property, do as you wish. Free State Alarm charges our normal hourly labor rate to remove and reinstall the system if the customer wishes us to do so.

  • Do I need a telephone line to receive monitoring service?

    Traditional phone lines are the least expensive way to monitor an alarm system but are not required. We offer monitoring by POTS line, cellular communicators, or through the internet.

  • I have moved into a home that already has a system in it. Can I use that system?

    If the alarm system has not been “locked out” by the previous alarm company, we find that we can take over 95% of the systems we encounter.

  • What is the approximate cost of installing a new system in my home or business?

    This is a question that can be answered only after an on site inspection of the home or business. Homes and business are different from one another. Therefore, a no obligation appointment with a security consultant is highly recommended before making a decision to purchase a system.

  • I am renter, do I qualify for your service?

    Yes. If you obtain a signed agreement from your landlord prior to installation. This form is available on this website and can be downloaded for your convenience.

  • Why should I choose Free State Alarm considering all the options I have available to me?

    Free State Alarm takes great pride in offering the lowest price for any type of monitoring service currently available from a “full servicing alarm provider.” We have never raised the price of our service to an existing customer. We serve at your pleasure, without a long term contract, therefore our low price and prompt service is how we obtain customer loyalty. Try Free State Alarm and discover there is no risk to finally find a company offering great service at the lowest price.

  • How can custom business/commercial surveillance benefit my company?

    Custom business/commercial surveillance systems provide targeted security solutions, enabling you to monitor critical areas, deter theft and vandalism, and enhance overall safety and productivity. With features like high-resolution cameras, remote access, and advanced analytics, you can gain valuable insights and make informed decisions to protect your business assets.

  • How can custom residential surveillance systems benefit my home?

    Custom residential surveillance systems provide a higher level of security for your home and loved ones. With strategically placed high-definition cameras, remote access, motion detection, and video recording capabilities, you can monitor your property, receive alerts, and have peace of mind knowing that your home is protected. Whether you’re at home or away, these systems offer enhanced security, deterrence, and valuable evidence in case of any incidents.

  • I read a lot about “smart home” security. Does Free State Alarm offer this service?

    Absolutely. We not only offer it but we do so with the lowest monthly cost and without tying you up in a long term monitoring agreement. We are authorized dealers for Honeywell and alarm.com.

  • How do I get started with Free State Alarm?

    You can either fill out the information on our contact form, and we will reach out to you. You can also call 800-413-0178. We serve Northeast Kansas and Northwest Missouri and would welcome the opportunity to tell you more why our company is a great choice for your protection.

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